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"Satisfying Birmingham's sweet tooth, one treat at a time"


Magic City Baking Company is a small batch bakery providing handcrafted goods, mixing nostalgia and quality, for a unique and satisfying experience.   


It’s founder, April Sibley, has always had a passion for baking and, while growing up, had been designated the dessert maker for family meals by her mother, Stephanie. When certain occasions arose, it wasn’t uncommon for them to visit a local favorite bakery on the west side of Birmingham. It was from those bakery visits, seeing the joy on customers faces as they picked up their baked goodies, and tasting delicious baked creations, that April knew she wanted to bake and provide that same level of happiness for those in her community. Deciding to take her baking activities to another level, April took a cake decorating class with the goal being able to create a cake to celebrate her daughter’s 3rd birthday. As a result, cake requests began to come in and from this steady demand, Magic City Baking Company was launched.


Always keeping in mind the quintessential standard of service and quality that was established from visiting the west Birmingham bakery as a child, April has a desire to invoke the same feelings with clients of Magic City Baking Company.  With a high demand for its cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, sour cream pound cake, and other desserts, Magic City Baking Company uses only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. With a love for community and service, Magic City Baking Company desires to create an experience that highlights the best of what Birmingham has to offer while delivering an unforgettable and satisfying treat. We can’t wait to show you what we have baking in Birmingham! 

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Cake Frosting


Cake Frosting


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